About Us

About Us

Garipoğlu Corporate Group

The foundation of the Garipoglu Group of Companies was laid in 1970 when Mr Kasim Garipoglu, the lawyer started his business life in private sector, by establishing his first enterprise, Evren Tekstil at Ceyhan, Adana.

He continued his industrial production activities by applying his profound knowledge accompanied by courageous practices to several sectors ranging from textile and chemical to food and metal industries.

The group, which operates in 12 countries today, entered the beverage sector in Romania in 1997.

Since the first manufacturing facility was established, our reputation is built on three core and constant factors: obsessive product knowledge, creation of strong partnership and commitment to excellence in everything we do. Our first spirit brands Istanblue Vodka, Burgaz Raki and Marmara Beer could gain the affection of consumers and reach the peak demand in a very short time. Besides, one of our aims is to generate the changes globally and create a better world. That’s why, in each country, where our factory plants are built, we aim to make significant contributions to the domestic economies, especially by increasing the employment opportunities.

Park Drinks

During our 20 years’ constant work and production, we have always remained open to innovations and novelties. After establishing the head office of Park Drinks Company in Istanbul, in 2006, a new manufacturing facility was built in Cerkezkoy, in the following year. Since then, we have been manufacturing the first craft beer in Turkey: firstly, Pera and now Zikkimm. Totally, at this manufacturing facility we have the capacity to produce 10 milion litres of beer per year.

Alongside with the beer production, at our factory in Cerkezkoy, we are also producing high quality energy drinks. Our energy drink brands Royce Energy and Blue Evolution could very rapidly gain unquestionable status of being indespensible part of our lives. Just Royce Energy is being exported in 50 countries worldwide.

Being loyal to our innovative vision, we have expanded our product range with new strong alcoholic beverages too. The manufacturing facility of spirits was established in Georgia, in 2016. In the factory with the capacity of 52 milion liters production per year, such spirits are produced as vodka, gin, tequila, raki, and rom. Under the company name of Park Drinks, both in Turkey and in Georgia, totally 16 alcoholic brands are being produced. These brands are Kosmos Vodka, Royce Vodka, Beetliq Gin, Rakish and many more. By our ever-increasing experience and creativity we continue to enrich our product range day by day…